Bill Allowing Construction of New Woburn Fire Headquarters Signed into Law

Allows the swapping of land parcels to allow construction at Forest Park

BOSTON – Representative Richard M. Haggerty (D-Woburn), Representative Michelle L. Ciccolo (D-Lexington), and Senator Cindy Friedman (D-Arlington) are pleased to announce the passage of legislation allowing for the swapping of land parcels in Woburn to allow the City to begin construction of its new Fire Department Headquarters at Forest Park.

The bill’s passage was an integral part of the City’s ambitious fire department modernization plan. Mayor Scott Galvin and the Woburn City Council plan to construct the fire department headquarters on Main Street across from Middlesex Canal Park Drive, the entrance road leading to Showcase Cinema. The land-swap bill ensures a no-net-loss of land protected for Article 97 purposes, with the protected land being transferred to a plot adjacent to the Hurld-Wyman Elementary School encompassing the former Spence Farm and current farm stand. The Woburn Recreational Department will oversee this land parcel, ensuring its protection and use for park or recreational purposes including the farm stand.

“This legislation will allow our community to move forward with building a 21st century fire station and headquarters that will serve both our city and our first responders well,” said Representative Haggerty.” As the grandson of a firefighter it’s great to see our city’s commitment to our fire department’s mission and it’s also terrific to see us investing in public safety. I am also thrilled to support our community’s commitment to open space by protecting the Spence farm parcel on Wyman Street – a purchase that I was happy to be a part of years ago on the City Council.”
“Fire safety is one of the most basic functions of local government,” said Representative Ciccolo. “I am pleased that with the passages of this legislation, the city of Woburn can now proceed with the necessary construction of its new fire station.”

House Bill 4636 began as a Home Rule Petition passed by the Woburn City Council and signed by Mayor Scott Galvin. The bill was then filed on Beacon Hill by the Woburn House Delegation and supported by Senator Cindy Friedman and signed into law on June 19th as Chapter 95 of the Acts of 2020.

“This bill was the first step to ensure Woburn has access to the land it needs to build a new fire station,” said Senator Friedman. “I’m excited that the Woburn Fire Department can now move forward with this project, which will benefit our firefighters, our residents, and the larger Woburn community. I’m glad to have worked with my colleagues in the House to get this done.”

The bill’s passage will allow the City of Woburn to break ground at Forest Park on the new fire station, with the tentative construction beginning this summer and the planned opening of the facility slated for the fall of 2021.