Rep. Haggerty Joins Woburn Leaders and Residents to Celebrate New Fire Headquarters

WOBURN, MA – August 4, 2023. State Representative Rich Haggerty proudly joined local leaders, firefighters, and residents of Woburn to celebrate the opening of the new Woburn Fire Department Headquarters. Located on a 3.5-acre parcel within Forest Park at 731 Main St., the headquarters is situated just south of I-95 (Rte. 128).

“As the grandson of a firefighter, I have immense appreciation for the brave men and women who put their lives on the line for our residents, their leadership team, and the community that supports them,” said Representative Haggerty. “The Woburn Fire Department has a long, proud history of keeping our community safe and this new station will allow them to build on that legacy and tradition of excellence for decades to come.”

The $23 million groundbreaking facility includes a 27,000 square foot main building and separate 6,800 square foot maintenance structure. It provides dedicated areas for operations, administration, decontamination, modern training spaces, comfortable living quarters, a public meeting room, and administrative offices to enhance firefighter safety and operations.

“This new, state-of-the-art facility represents an important investment in the safety and wellbeing of the people of Woburn,” stated Representative Haggerty, adding that it provides firefighters “with the modern resources and infrastructure they need to continue serving our community with dedication and valor.”

Prior to starting site preparation at the Forest Park location, the City had to obtain a special permit from City Council and Article 97 legislation approval from the state legislature. Representative Haggerty reflected on his role, stating, “During the height of Covid, I was proud to pass legislation at the State House that allowed the city to construct this building on this parcel of land, while at the same time protecting a new parcel of land next to the new Hurld Wyman School as parkland.”

The city financed the $23 million project by issuing a twenty-year bond in June 2021, leveraging its AAA bond rating. This allowed the city to secure an interest rate of 1.67%, resulting in an annual debt service of approximately $1,390,000 over twenty years.

Over 250 people including Mayor Scott Galvin, Fire Chief Donald Kenton, City Council members, and retired firefighters attended the dedication event. “I want to thank Fire Chief Kenton, Mayor Galvin and the City Council for their leadership and persistence in making this project a reality,” said Representative Haggerty.

The Representative concluded by thanking the men and women of the Woburn Fire Department for their service, “We depend on you, we value you and we appreciate everything you do to keep us safe. Congratulations on the new Fire Station Headquarters.”