Representative Haggerty applauds passage of Legislation to Improve Voting Access on Election Day

BOSTON State Representative Richard M. Haggerty (D-Woburn) was pleased to join his colleagues in the House of Representatives to pass House Bill 4217, ‘An Act protecting the right to time off for voting,’ an important piece of legislation that aims to provide employees the opportunity to vote on Election Day in state and municipal elections without interference.

“This legislation advanced by the House is an important step towards empowering Massachusetts voters,” said Representative Haggerty. “By ensuring all eligible voters have the time they need to vote on Election Day, free from work obligations that may interfere, we are helping to guarantee that every voice can be heard at the ballot box. I thank the many businesspeople across our district who already grant time to their employees to vote knowing it’s the right thing to do. I’m proud to support efforts that protect voter participation in our elections and codifies this common-sense measure.”

The House approved bill H.4217 in an informal session, roughly an hour and a half after it was released by the House Ways and Means Committee. Under the legislation, employees who lack “sufficient time” to vote at polling locations outside their work hours can request time off by notifying their employers three business days in advance. The bill prohibits employers from compelling staff to cast ballots via mail or early voting.

Having passed the House of Representatives, “An Act protecting the right to time off for voting” now goes to the Senate for their consideration.