Representative Haggerty attends the 8th Annual Manufacturing Awards Ceremony

WORCESTERState Representative Richard M. Haggerty was pleased to attend the 8th Annual Manufacturing Awards at Polar Park organized by the Massachusetts Legislative Manufacturing Caucus, as part of the Massachusetts Technology Collaborative’s “Manufacturing Mash Up.” The conference showcases the collaboration among business, academia, and government to innovate, educate, and grow which helps accelerate manufacturing while celebrating the success stories throughout the Commonwealth.

“I was pleased to participate in the 8th Annual Manufacturing Awards, a great event that highlights the incredible work being done by leaders in manufacturing, in our district and across our Commonwealth,” stated Representative Haggerty. “Manufacturing provides high-quality jobs that anchor our communities.”

At the ceremony, members of the state legislature who nominated manufacturing businesses from their districts received awards. Rep. Haggerty nominated North Shore LINE-X Inc. from Reading. LINE-X is the leading provider of spray-on protective coatings, offering specially formulated polymers that permanently bond to truck beds and other surfaces, protecting them from damage. LINE-X coatings are used in a variety of commercial, industrial, agricultural, military, and custom applications beyond just truck beds. The company was started in 2005 by Iraq War veteran Eric Day while he was still on active duty. Mr. Day served honorably in the military for 24 years completing multiple deployments to Iraq. His business has seen tremendous growth and employs a diverse workforce.

“I was particularly honored to nominate North Shore LINE-X Inc., a company that not only exemplifies innovation in manufacturing but is also a testament to the resilience and entrepreneurial spirit of our veterans,” said Representative Haggerty. “Eric Day’s journey from serving our country in Iraq, and around the world, to establishing and growing his business here in Massachusetts is truly admirable. His dedication to providing quality products and creating jobs in our community is commendable and reflects the strength and potential of veteran-led businesses in our Commonwealth.”

“I’m honored and humbled by this nomination from Representative Haggerty, and I extend my sincere thanks for this recognition of North Shore LINE-X Inc.,” said Eric Day. “Thank you to the event organizers for the award and for creating a platform that not only celebrates but also significantly supports the manufacturing sector. The chance to connect and potentially collaborate with other businesses and organizations was truly invaluable.”

About 1,500 people attended the event, a 25% growth over 2022, according to the event organizers.  It included the awards ceremony, announcements of manufacturing grants, exhibits by tech companies, and student networking and challenges. The Governor’s office announced over $2.2 million in grants through the Massachusetts Manufacturing Accelerate Program (MMAP) to help small and midsize manufacturers scale up. September is “Manufacturing Month” in the state, which makes up 11% of the economy.

“I will continue to be a strong advocate for the manufacturing industry and the hardworking people who make it succeed every day,” Representative Haggerty remarked. “Congratulations to all the deserving award winners this year.”

The Legislature’s Manufacturing Caucus, formed in 2014, includes over 70 lawmakers focused on workforce training for manufacturing employees, encouraging innovation by assisting start-ups access resources, and expanding apprenticeships in key manufacturing sectors. Rep. Haggerty is proud to support the Caucus’s efforts to make Massachusetts the best place to build things.