Representative Haggerty delivers $275,000 in funding for Woburn initiatives in FY 2024 state budget

BOSTONRepresentative Richard M. Haggerty was pleased to have successfully secured $275,000 in state funding earmarks for two local initiatives in the City of Woburn as part of the Fiscal Year 2024 state budget that was enacted on July 31.

“The final budget reflects our values by addressing the pressing needs of our communities, delivering substantial investments in key areas, including education, infrastructure, and health care, to ensure our economy remains competitive and equitable for years to come,” said Representative Haggerty. “I am especially pleased that Woburn will receive direct funding for downtown revitalization and improvements to the Ned O’Brien Ice Rink, which will include a tribute to fallen soldier Ned O’Brien. Furthermore, the local aid will assist our community in sustaining public safety initiatives and general municipal operations”

The final budget includes $100,000 earmarked for Woburn downtown improvements to be implemented on the recommendations of the City of Woburn report from the Massachusetts Downtown Initiative Local Rapid Recovery program. In addition, $175,000 was earmarked for the Woburn Youth Hockey Association for capital improvements to the Ned O’Brien Ice Rink.

The $100,000 earmarked for downtown improvements in the city represent an ongoing investment in Woburn, building on the $125,000 the representative successfully secured from the American Rescue Plan Act. Currently, these monies are being used in conjunction with city funds to reconstruct the pocket park in downtown.

The funds earmarked for capital improvements to the Ned O’Brien Ice Rink in the amount of $175,000 will be utilized for various projects. These include the creation of new signage for the rink, construction of a monument along with benches, and a flagpole in honor of U.S. Navy Seaman Edward ‘Ned’ O’Brien, who was killed in action in Vietnam. Additional portions of the funds may be used by Woburn Youth Hockey for landscaping improvements, replacing the rink-wide humidifier or the rink’s heating units.

The Massachusetts Legislature was able to enact a $56.2 billion budget for Fiscal Year 2024 (FY24), reconciling differences between the versions of the budget passed by the House of Representatives and Senate earlier this year.

The City of Woburn is set to receive $13.5 million in Chapter 70 education funding and $7.1 million in Unrestricted Government General Aid (UGGA). The city will see an increase of approximately $1.3 million in additional funding from last year’s budget.

The budget is now on Governor Maura Healey’s desk awaiting her signature.

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