Representative Haggerty highlights Summer 2023 Interns

BOSTONState Representative Richard M. Haggerty (D-Woburn) welcomed two college students over the summer as interns at his State House Office.

Ruby Harris from Woburn and Will Adams from Reading spent the last two months working alongside, Rep. Haggerty and his staff, gaining hand-on hands-on experience in state government and the legislative process. They contributed in a variety of ways including policy research and constituent services.

Both interns attended the Joint Legislative Intern Speaker Series run by the House Committee on Human Resources and Employee Engagement and the Senate Office of Education and Civic Engagement. The series features informative talks given by various state government officials, both elected and appointed, and provides opportunities for the interns to pose questions.

“It was a pleasure to host Ruby and Will at the State House office this summer,” said Rep. Haggerty. “Over the years, I have been honored to host and work with some talented, enthusiastic and dedicated interns, Ruby and Will being no exception. I hope they learned as much from us as we did from them. I wish them much luck in their incredibly bright futures.”

Ruby is a sophomore at the University of Massachusetts Amherst studying Political Science in the Honors College. She is a fellow in the International Scholars Program and an Executive Board Member of the Humanities and Fine Arts Student Leadership Board. She is passionate about public policy, environmental justice, human rights, and is interested in pursuing a career in state government or law.

“I had the opportunity to hear from many different individuals in the public service arena about their careers, which gave me a better understanding of the paths many Representatives, Senators, and other public servants have taken to end up where they are today,” said Ruby. “During my internship at Representative Haggerty’s office, I gained valuable insight into the daily operations of a public official’s office. I had the opportunity to interact with fellow interns who share similar interests, but also had the chance to meet representatives, senators, and state house staff who play significant roles in the functioning of our state government.”

Will Adams is a sophomore at Lafayette College where he is studying Government and Law, with a minor in Economics. He is a member of the Lafayette Investment Club and Lafayette College Democrats Club. His interests and passion lie in international politics, American foreign policy, political theory, and specifically sustainability and transit policy.

“What I found most interesting was the access the internship provided to the daily functions of government. Being able to attend public hearings, legislative meetings, informational sessions about bills and even a house session was amazing. The hands-on experience was extremely valuable and something that can’t be replicated in a classroom.” reflected Will. “I am now more attuned with the issues faced by people in my community and surrounding communities. Also, the speaker series was a great way to hear the perspectives of many different people’s experiences working in government.”

The internship program provides students and recent graduates the opportunity to be directly involved in the lawmaking process. Interns gain a deeper understanding of how state government works while getting hands-on experience in a fast-paced professional environment.

Woburn and Reading students who are interested in learning more about internship opportunities in Representative Haggerty’s office can contact his Legislative Aide, Nicole Redigan, at Internships are unpaid, but in some cases, there may be an opportunity to earn college credits.