Representative Haggerty to Host Senior Charlie Card Event in Reading

Part of his ongoing effort to deliver increased public transportation options and assist seniors with living independently in their community, State Representative Richard M. Haggerty is partnering with the MBTA in sponsoring a “Senior Charlie Card” registration event at the Pleasant Street Center. The event will provide local seniors the opportunity to receive a discounted Senior Charlie Card pass for use on MBTA bus, rail, and subway systems. All Reading residents who are 65 years or older are highly encouraged to attend. 

The event will take place at the Pleasant Street Center, 49 Pleasant Street in Reading starting at 10 a.m. on Friday, November 8th, with members of Representative Haggerty’s staff and volunteers from the Center on hand to assist with applications. Eligible seniors must be new to the Senior Charlie Card program and present a government-issued photo ID, where they will then fill out a registration form along with having their photos taken.

“I would like to thank the MBTA and the staff at the Pleasant Street Center for making such an event possible, bringing the program and transportation benefits it provides directly to our seniors”, said Representative Haggerty. “I encourage eligible residents of Reading and the surrounding communities to join me at the Senior Center to take advantage of this important opportunity.”

A Senior Charlie Card provides the holder with discounted rates to ride buses for 85 cents, subways for $1.10, inner express buses for $2.10, and outer express buses for $2.60. Seniors can also travel on commuter rail or ferry services for 50 percent off the regular full fare. In addition, seniors can purchase a monthly pass, which is good for unlimited travel on local buses and subways for $30. No discounts apply to express bus passes, commuter rail passes, or boat passes.

Representative Bradley Jones will also be in attendance for the event alongside Representative Haggerty to meet with residents and answer any questions they may have. Those with questions are also encouraged to contact Rep. Haggerty’s Legislative Aide at and (617) 722-2090, or the Pleasant Street Center at (781) 942-6796.